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2023 Wrap Up!

As 2023 races to the finish line we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on what a phenomenal year it has been. 

Venture has engaged over 850 students, over 50 industry partners and gained more supporters along the way.

We hosted 9 events and 13 skills development workshops. 

We piloted a new program Venture's Startup Internships which saw 17 students intern in Venture's incubated startups! We received phenomenal feedback and have increasing demand to continue and grow that program. 

We cemented the structure of Venture's Innovation Consultancy hosting our biggest opportunity yet with Coders for Causes, WesCEF and Microsoft which saw over 70 students tackle 6 real-world challenges. 

14 student-led businesses grew through Venture's Incubator, receiving mentorship, over $40,000 in financial support, and developing business skills. 11 are continuing, 6 of which were female founded, generating $$$$$'s in revenue, gaining support to continue R&D and making connections to continue their growth. 

Oh and our committee launched a podcast! Listen HERE. 

Networks have been built! Collaborations have exceeded expectations! Students are smiling!


In 2024, expect to see more of our favourite events back! Including WA's Most Innovative Companies, and some Open Innovation sessions with UWA researchers!

There will be more industry led skills development workshops than ever before, and of course our annual Hackathon series.

We also have more $'s to give as equity free seed funding to students incubating businesses, and Josh Van Ross will be back every Wednesday for meetings with those UWA Students who have a business idea.

Personally for me, I’m very grateful for everyone who has taken time to engage with us this year. We truly take on all feedback, advice, and words of wisdom. Growing Venture is a group effort and working alongside a supportive ecosystem, whilst seeing smiling young people feel empowered enough to choose alternate career paths is a great reason to come to work everyday!

Thanks to all who are on this journey to better prepare students for the future of work with us! Especially our key partners and sponsors: UWA, UWA Grand Challenges, Meshpoints, Spacecubed and Lotterywest.

I am around all across the break so if anyone has thoughts/ideas or wants to learn more, please reach out 😃

Chloe Bull

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