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Abhinav: Aeozo

Aeozo is full-service marketing agency based in Perth that delivers creative solutions to help businesses reach their goals.

Amsha: The Sit

The Sit, with Amsha is a service that positively effects the mental health of those within the community through guided meditation and guided mental health practices.

Anjana, Jacob and Wenqian: ASH

ASH are building a business that creates a viable form of alternate housing construction to fill the gaps that currently exist within communities supporting the homeless and those suffering from natural disasters

Belle: Belle Bojoux Paris Jewellery

A lab-grown diamond jewelry business selling affordable pieces that are not only alluring but also durable and practical for daily wear.

Bernard and Jinie: Lir Energy

Lir Energy have developed a seawater pumped hydro solution for development right here in WA. The technology is designed to provide a reliable and competitive electricity supply to WA's energy market.

Carly and Justin: Knodes

While attending the 2019 Our Ocean Conference in Norway, PhD candidates, Justin Geldard and Carly Portch, noticed a lack of discussion regarding collaboration between academics and entrepreneurs to solve ocean challenges, despite the breadth of knowledge and talent in both industries. This sparked the idea to create Knodes, a program aiming to bridge the gap between academics and start-ups to accelerate sustainable solutions.

Dylan Turner: Dylanth&Co

Dylanth & Co was created by two friends, passionate and committed to living sustainable lifestyles. We believe changing to a zero-waste lifestyle, or the reduced use of single plastics can cause drastic change and is vital to changing the world for the better. We minimise the use of single plastics and promote reusable and eco-friendly goods into our lifestyles. We source what is sustainable and provide our best in products and customer service.

Fernando: BeanWise

BeanWise repurposes coffee grounds into coffee kombucha, a product that contains the same amount of caffeine as a regular coffee but has the added benefit of healthy probiotics, and tastes great!

Joshoa: Eco-Blocks

Eco-Blocks is a clean, cost-effective, and efficient producer of bricks and other materials that are made using recycled and waste plastic.

Jun-Ting, Adian, Jason: 1PM

1PM is a podcast that breaks down complex medical topics into their First Principles.

When the stress is on, and you’ve just been asked a tough question you don’t know the answer to, we feel you’ll be able to fall back on these principles to formulate a decent answer and reason your way out of trouble.

Mandeep and Ridela: Wage Buddy

Wage Buddy is a one-stop-service application that provides essential information for all international students in Western Australia about working rights, regulations in both Australia & Western Australia and the concept of wage theft

Masha: Women's Club Perth

Women's Club Perth is a space where women can find strength, energy, knowledge, and speak openly about important topics. Our club offers a variety of events and activities designed to inspire, educate, and empower our members. Whether you're looking for motivation and inspiration, seeking to improve your skills and knowledge, or simply want to meet new people and have fun, our club has something for everyone.

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