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Abhinav - SUMA Australia

SUMA Australia offers sustainable marketing solutions offering via the provision of 2 products (billboard advertisement and business cards) and 1 service sustainable marketing consultancy.

Aidan Taba: SolderLogic

SolderLogic is a design consultancy dedicated to building custom electronics and offering bespoke
hardware development courses

Anjana, Jacob and Wenqian

In Idea phase the team are building a business to create a viable form of alternate housing construction that can fill the gaps that currently exist within communities supporting primarily the homeless and those suffering from natural disasters

Benjamin Caulfield and Izaak Wesson lead the PERTH ORCHESTRA PROJECT (P.O.P.)

P.O.P will bring performances of some of the most daring developments in classical music over the
last hundred years, heard across 2022 in an intimate, exciting, and accessible chamber orchestra

Dylan Turner founder of Dylanth&Co

Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth and employ sustainable and reusable
goods for the benefit of the world

Mandeep and Ridela: Wage Buddy

Wage Buddy is a one-stop-service application that provides essential information for all international students in Western Australia about working rights, regulations in both Australia & Western Australia and the concept of wage theft

The Sit by Amsha

The Sit by Amsha is a service that positively effects the mental health of those within your community through guided meditation and guided mental health practices

Victoria Hainsworth brings you ViVa Events.

ViVa events brings Multi - dimensional, innovative & immersive event experiences!

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