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Where personal and idea development meet to create successful and investable businesses.

Do you have an idea? Something you think could be, well... something? Or are you an student with a side hustle you are looking to grow?


If so - Ventures incubator is for you! We support students at all stages of idea and business development. 


Applications have just closed! But... We support students year round too.. so step outside of your comfort zone and contact to see how we can help.

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venture's incubator helps students validate their business ideas and grow their start ups!


With personalised support,  through venture's incubator you will access: 

  1. Up to $5,000 of equity free seed funding per business

  2. Expert led workshops

  3. Business development coaching

  4. Industry mentorship 

  5. Support from interns to accelerate development.

Why? Because developing a successful business can be a long bumpy road and we hope to speed up the process by giving you access to the resources and expertise needed to achieve your best and make the road a bit less bumpy.

ventures incubator runs annually from June. This is a SELF PACED 5 month program! By the end of November you will be pitch ready for organic growth or further funding! 

venture's Incubator can be completed co-curricular or as a work integrated learning unit (subject to school approval) 

Email us at to learn more.


All Venture programs are supported by Lotterywest, UWA and the UWA Student Guild. Under the guidance of Venture's Associate Director and Entrepreneur in Residence Josh Van Ross. 

We believe that every UWA Students journey is different and we pride ourselves on our personalised approach! ALL ideas matter and entrepreneur or intrapreneur we will work with you to help you future proof your career.

What is a social impact initiative? Any enterprise which has a positive impact on a community. So yes - even businesses such as Canva, or Afterpay could fall under this criteria.

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Meet the Founders

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