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In 2021 Venture established a working partnership with the UWA Coders for Causes club and connected them with the WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) to help pole vaulters reach new heights. Coders for Causes, and their team of student developers, helped WAIS build a data entry and management system, that in future, will be integrated into height tracking and prediction software. The project has been ongoing throughout the entire year, with a team of students being hired to work on the website more permanently.

The WA Institute of Sport (WAIS)

The WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) supports champions, enabling Western Australian athletes to achieve international sporting success.

The project involves working with WAIS to troubleshoot issues relating to an existing pole-vaulting app. The ability to efficiently record and manage performance variables from athlete to athlete will be a huge advantage in developing the perfect vaulting scenario for individuals, optimising athletic performance for potential Olympic gold-medallists at the Tokyo Games. Presented with this real-world problem, students will have the opportunity to work within WAIS to gain an understanding of the technical challenges and opportunities to innovate, before breaking off into an app development team to find the best solution Working with Coders for Causes (CFC) to deliver this project we had over 80 applicants from the program which is still running, following selection CFC conducted training and have now delivered a prototype of the first phase of the project. As we move into the second phase of video capture integration the whole team are now working within WAIS offices weekly with 2 undertaking paid internships to deploy the software. CFC are now leading this project with support from Venture’s subject matter experts where required.

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